Shared workspace membership rules

Date of Release: 14 May 2023

In order to create a healthy, safe environment and respect human rights, enjoy a lively environment and prevent disorder, please follow the points stated in the following regulations

Working hours of Haftohasht innovation workshop

Saturday to Thursday from 00:08 to 00:23 (at 00:17 to 00:23 the atmosphere will be more noisy and there may be an event taking place)

Friday and Official holidays from 00:10 to 00:22 (there is a possibility of event noise or repairs on these days)

The cafe space is for resting, eating and drinking. Please use the dedicated work spaces for working in coordination with the administrative unit.

1.Observance rules and regulations of Azadi Innovation Factory

2.Observance ethical and Islamic affairs

3.Observance cleanliness in private and public section

4.Keep your volume down

5.Observance people rights and thoughts

6.Observance the regularity of environment

7. Restraint of producing, publishing, transferring, sending, uploading, distributing or spreading any illegal products or content

8.Traffic within the permitted and specified limits of HafOHasht (avoid unnecessary and uncoordinated traffic in other innovation factory units and do not use other departments or desks of other teams)

9. Confidentiality about news and administrative, technical and confidential secrets of the innovation workshop

10.Refusing to do activities that harm the work of other members and the innovation studio or disrupt their duties

11.Coordinate with HaftOHasht for inviting guests ( for foreign nationality guests, it is necessary to send a passport photo and coordinate before attending.)

12.Avoiding conflict action in case of any problem with other members and attendees in the space

13. Observance using communication devices according IRI law

14. All information and news will be through HaftOHasht channels, pay attention to it

15.Using phone and holding meetings only in specified or public spaces

16.Cleaning the dining table after eating and before leaving it

17.Observance safety in place

18. Please send us your comments and suggestions via email studio.haftohasht@management

if you don’t comply, we apologize for continuing to work with you dear friend


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