Rahkar 402

In line with the development of creative start-ups and the discovery of future entrepreneurs, Haft and Eighth Innovation Workshop organizes the 402 career talent project in the form of a 2-month training camp. The work method is a 2-month talent search course that includes theory courses, individual and group challenges, and a written program aimed at shaping creative and innovative startups in the coming year.

The chosen ones of this period

Ali , Management
Ali, Web Designer
Alireza Developer
Amir, civil engineer
Dara , Artisi
Dariush, Designer
Faezeh , Developer
Farnaz, architect
Fatehemeh , Management
Hadi, architect
Maryam, Management
Maryam, Designer
Milad, urban designer
Negar , Designer
Nyusha, urban designer
Omid, doctor
Parsa, director
Saleha, doctor
Zainab, architect

The training course of the solution started on January 1st and the chosen ones are currently training in the courses.

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