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The approach of Haft-o-Hasht Innovation Studio is to reduce the distance between the idea and the implementation. The technique and construction workshop (Techshop) located in Haft-o-Hasht is a space for prototyping and development of technological products in the field of industrial design, construction and architecture industry and is a place for the intersection of ideas, knowledge and industries. The purpose of this workshop is to lay the groundwork for the growth and support of innovative ideas and products through the provision of space and equipment, consulting services and specialized training. Haft-o-Hasht Techshop is equipped with CNC laser cutting machines (metal and non-metal), 3D printers with one-piece printing capability and other complementary manufacturing, polishing and coloring tools. You can use the services of the Techshop at any stage of the product design process until reaching the final sample.

The interaction in the technique and construction workshop of Haft-o-Hasht is possible in the following two ways:

1. Make To Order(MTO)

In this case, you register your request to order your product, and our experts in the Techshop will contact you after reviewing the request. After estimating the cost and making arrangements, the steps of preparation and production of your product will take place. The cost of the project is calculated according to the material, details and construction technique. The Techshop is only the executor of your project and will not be responsible for product design details and sales and marketing services.

2.Shared workspace in Techshop

In this model of cooperation, you can apply for establishment in space and use the equipment of the workshop, and with daily, weekly or monthly membership, use the services of HaftOHasht Techshop, design and build your own produc

3. Support the design and manufacture of innovative products(Design Factory)

Designers and manufacturers of innovative products need targeted and integrated support to enter the market. Hence, Haft-o-Hasht Techshop supports these innovative designers and products. In this case, in addition to being stationed in the space and the possibility of using the workshop equipment, you will be supported by – Haft-o-Hasht innovation Studio and as a designer, you will become a member of the Techshop. As a member, you also benefit the advantage of synergy with other expert groups in the field of design, detail design, mechanical and electrical engineering, etc. Selection criteria: designer’s portfolio/prototype /Commercialization Capacity of the product /Production requirements.

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